Sunday, April 26, 2015

6 Things you should know about dating a career girl

We are busy, driven, dedicated and ambitious. Most people call us  “intimidating” and we sure carry a lot on our plate. We need someone patient, secure in themselves, understanding and well balanced to complete and add to our lives. Read this and if you survive it, then you’re a keeper.

   1.)  We do not NEED you
You will never find a career girl who isn't self sufficient. We work hard, we are able to purchase things we want and we don’t rely on a man to do it for us.  This is both a good and a bad thing. As the man of the house, you want to be the provider and you never will be when it comes to a career girl (sure we love the gesture of a man taking care of us or sweeping us of our feet so please do but we do not need it, we simply want it.

       2.) We are DEDICATED            
  As a career girl, we are dedicated to all things in our life which is a good and bad thing. We will be dedicated to you as much as we are dedicated to our career but finding the balance may be a little tough and you will have to be patient if we don’t have all sorts of time for you.

3.)We don’t like to waste our time
Which means DO NOT ask us to “hang out” this actually erks me soooo much. If you want to take us on a proper date then ASK US ON A PROPER DATE. We do not have time to sit and hang out with you (this applies for first & second dates only) and frankly I do not know you well enough to HANG OUT with you.

4.) We are not very good at relaxing
Our minds are constantly full and wandering. Put me in front of a TV with no work in front of me and I will be asleep within 30 minutes.  We constantly have so much going on and constantly lack sleep that when we do get a chance to sit down our body goes into sleep mode. Do not be offended if I say no to a late movie or fall asleep on you during a movie.

  5.) Pick us up don’t put us down
We are constantly facing rejection or difficulties and although we are strong and independent, the last thing we need is someone who isn't a positive in our lives. Be supportive of our lifestyle and understand that it isn't always glitz and glamour.

6.) Trust
 We need someone who is secure enough to handle the lives we live, but also need to trust that you are trust worthy. After all we are busy building our empires and don’t have time for nonsense.

We need someone who makes us laugh, who we can count on, who isn't afraid to stand up for what he wants just the way we won’t stop till we get what we want.

Michelle Apples xx

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  1. So true Michelle! Great blog post today! I think my husband would tell you that being married to a boss lady is even harder! He probably deserves a medal <3.