Thursday, April 2, 2015

Habits to start doing to enhance your career!!

 1.)    Send thank you notes or thank you emails. I don’t know how many times I have sent thank you notes or emails (even if I didn't get the job or opportunity). Not only is it a kind gesture, but it leaves that lasting impression on people that if another opportunity comes up in the future they think of me and let me know first.

2.) Be nice to everyone. The Way you treat people will reflect on you. 

3.) Seek Mentors - I was having a discussion with my good friend the other day and was talking about acting classes and how I am just not feeling classes anymore (for reasons I won’t mention) and she told me she had stopped taking classes and instead sought out a coach/mentor (for probably cheaper than you would pay for classes). It’s genius!!! But be sure to find someone who inspires and challenges you. 
       Ask questions and seek knowledge. People don’t mind helping people who work hard and have drive and determination.

 4.) Network & Network materials – There have been many times in which I met someone and don’t have a card on me. GET BUSINESS CARDS!!! You never know who you will meet or when you will meet them. Go to network events, meet people and BE NICE TO THEM!!! Be personable and genuine. Don’t try to gain something from them but instead ask yourself what you can do for them rather than what they can do for you. Leave a lasting impression as you never know when you will see them again.

 5.) BE Social Media Savvy but also smart with social media. If you are going to put up personal pictures that you wouldn't want your boss to see then make sure your privacy is on point and you know exactly who you are accepting to see your accounts. I have so many connections and networks on my social media and I have no idea how many of those I will probably work for or with one day. Don’t let them think of you as unreliable or sloppy.

6.)  Create a Brand – I don’t know how many people come up to me and are like “Hey you’re Michelle Apples” and is it because I am famous? No, definitely not, but it is because my name has a brand that people are beginning to become familiar with. Create a brand so people remember you, it’ll go a long way.

7.) Have Confidence
 Even if I am having a fat day or I get caught by Jensen Ackles in an elevator after a sweaty gym session, I still remain confident (even if I don’t feel it). By always acting confident, you will begin to always feel it! To the point of running into a hottie the other day on the street, that I met once awhile back, and I didn't even realize I was a gym mess. Confidence & owning/liking who you are goes a long way.

 8.) Dress Well – OK I will be the first to admit I need to work on this. I work a lot from home and often get lazy with my style but that being said I see a huge difference when I put effort into what I look like than when I don’t. Not only do people respect you more but it will also give them a better, more put together impression of you.

 9.) Be Early - People will see you as more reliable and trustworthy if you are early for things rather than frantically on time or late. How is someone going to trust you on set, risking thousands of dollars an hour, if you can’t show up on time?

10.)  Stay Organized – Not only will you respond to deadlines better but you also will feel more relaxed under stressful situations and people respond better to professionalism and organization. 

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