Thursday, May 14, 2015

7 DON’T’s with Social Media

 I recently saw an article in the news about a lady who got fired from a job before even starting the job for a post she put on social media. Yes I am sure some of you don’t agree with that but it’s a reality!! And YOU are a representation of that company. You would not want to see your doctor or lawyer on social media being represented poorly so you need to make sure you are portraying yourself in a positive way.

-          #1 NO DRUGS on your profile – This is a HUGE no no ... yes it may seem very innocent to put a picture of you with margarita’s getting drunk with your friends in Vegas etc. but the reality of this is that most of us don’t know where we will be in 10 years. I mean, if you asked me 10 years ago where I would be it would not be where I am now. Life changes drastically and what you put online unfortunately is usually online FOREVER.

-          #2 No Slander – yes we all have our days in which someone doesn’t treat us as well as we would have liked them to, it happens but be the BIGGER person!!! Do not sit there and trash them online, it just shows your character not theirs.

-         #3 NO whining/complaining – not only am I a true believer in mindset being everything, but it also gets old. You know the type that just whine and complain on social media every time something doesn’t go their way. People eventually stop feeling sorry for you and just cringe when they read your status #truthbomb.

-        #4  NAUGHTY PHOTO’s – AHHHH! I must say this and I must say this a million times in hopes that some young woman/girl will read this and be inspired.  PLEASE JUST DON’T DO IT!! I have seen it too many times that it goes around the internet and everyone sees it and it will haunt you for your whole life because of some guy you thought you could trust and they turned out to be a slime ball (sorry guys- I know there is some good ones out there). Please think of your future and not just today when considering this. He may seem like potential for the future but life changes in a flash.

-         #5 TOO MUCH INFORMATION – there is such beauty in a little mystery in life. Makes people curious about you and want to find out more. When you share too much information, it’s just unnecessary and to be honest, I do not want to know about how your boyfriend and that you two are fighting etc.

-          #6 NETWORK MARKETING- yes I believe there is a way to approach this but if all you care about is constantly selling me on your products etc., it gets annoying. Connect and engage with me before you try to sell me on something. I DO NOT WANT YOUR BODY WRAPS, DIET PLAN ETC.! (I haven’t even talked to you in 5 years) It is okay to put the product out there if it’s not aggressively.

-          #7 Controversial Conversations – try to stay out of them or at least not be one sided. It just gets UGLY and it’s unnecessary. It is okay to have an opinion, but it’s also okay for the other person to have an opinion.

- An Apple A Day 

Michelle Apples xx 

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