Friday, November 6, 2015

14 Budget friendly things to do with your significant other over the Christmas holidays

There is something especially romantic about the idea of spending the holidays with a significant other; dressing for parties, exchanging of gifts, kissing under the mistletoe, and cuddling under the Christmas tree watching classic holiday movies. 

Unfortunately Christmas can get quite expensive for most so I thought i would give you some budget friendly holiday date ideas. 

1.) Make a Gingerbread House - There is something magical about building Gingerbread Houses. Getting icing all over and eating candy, having a fun little competition about who built it better and laughing over collapsing gingerbread pieces. 

2.) Take a Tour of Christmas Lights- Enjoy your neighbourhood decor and feel festive looking at all the magical lights.

3.) Attend or Throw an Ugly Sweater Party- Nothing better then a soiree with your best ugliest christmas attire. 

4.) Bake Cookies- Spend an afternoon baking cookies together and eating cookie dough. Try out new recipes and have a good laugh over your man not knowing how to bake. 

5.) Kiss Under a Mistletoe- With all the hustle & bustle of the holidays don't forget the romance in your relationship. Kiss under a mistletoe, hold hands, and remember to tell them that you care. 

6.) Have a Christmas Movie Marathon- There is nothing better then snuggling up by the fireplace, under the tree watching holiday classics with the one you love. Get in the holiday spirit together & drink some hot cocoa. 

7.) Go to a Christmas Market- Find a Christmas market or a Christmas farmers market and browse the Christmas handmade gifts. 

8.) Have a Game Night- Get out the board games and play like the old days. you can even spice it up with a strip version. 

9.) See a Comedy Show- Comedy Shows do a ton of Christmas shows around the holiday. Grab your love, go to a show and have a laugh. 

10.) Go Skating- Dressing warm, drinking hot cocoa and holding on to your man as you skate around the rink. Blissful! 

11.) Star Gaze- Go find some stars and gaze while cuddling each other to keep warm. 

12.) Play in the Snow- Find some snow, build a snowman or go tobogganing, after your done you can have a warm bubble bath or shower together to warm up. 

13.) Go see a Holiday Play- Find a Holiday play going on in your area and get in the Christmas mood 

14.)Grab Hot Cocoa and Go for a Long Walk Together- Enjoying nature during the holiday season with your loved one is awesome. It keeps you grounded, reminds you to slow down and enjoy the little things and be grateful for our beautiful earth.

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