Thursday, March 23, 2017

Choose Happiness Above All.

The way I see it.. 

You have two choices 

A.) Choosing to be the victim 
B.) Choosing not to 

We all choose the life that we live at this very moment. Yes, we may all come from different backgrounds or different situations and yes sometimes in life we may in fact be the victim, but you can choose to say no. To say no to playing the part + to say yes to rising above. 

You have a choice to quit that shitty job, to get out of that awful relationship, to hold on to that stuff from the past and you also have a choice to not play the victim in your own life. 

Use gratitude to appreciate everything you have, others may not be so fortunate. Rise above the people that didn't treat you right and choose happiness above all. 

"Love Everyone. Trust Few. Paddle Your Own Canoe." 

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