Monday, March 20, 2017

Learning Digital Skills at Brainstation

Growth hacking, Dark Social, SEM, SEO, Email Marketing, Social Sharing ... just a few of the terms I have learned in the past 11 weeks with my time spent at Brainstation Vancouver.

Over the last 11 weeks I have been taught by highly skilled professionals in the digital marketing field such as Conner Galway (Founder of Junction Creative), Laura Anderson (Partner Marketing for Hootsuite), Derek Jory (Writer for the Canucks) & Christie Horsman (Email Marketing at HootSuite)

All of these teachers were extremely knowledgable and resourceful to the field.

In groups we were asked to prepare a case study on a local brand to be presented in front of said company, which was a great way to really understand digital marketing from a real perspective in a real life situation.

I believe tech is the way of the future! With new tech companies coming into Vancouver left, right and centre it is prime time to be in the tech field.

So why did I take classes at Brainstation? I wanted to learn to utilize the digital marketing world.  I was born to make a difference, I was born to share my life experiences with the world, to be able to utilize my hardships, my experiences, the opportunities that I have had to help others, and using digital marketing to be able to share socially has only helped me grow and develop myself and my brand. I have always had an entrepreneur brain and to be able to learn how to grow and develop a bigger audience is a skill I can utilize in almost any career I decide to go into.

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