Sunday, March 12, 2017

Teach People How To Treat You

One phrase that I consistently revert back to is "you teach people how to treat you". I will forever live by this motto.

Regardless of if you are referring to a relationship, a job, a client, or a peer you teach them how to treat you.
I have never invited disrespect in my life and I never will. I value myself so therefore I surround myself with people who also see my value.
I have lost jobs, boyfriends, friends and family over this mind set, but if you have haters in your life then it means that at one point you stood up for something.
Self love & self respect is the greatest gift you can give yourself. Place value in your time, your presence, your mindset, & your morals because if you don't then nobody else will.
📸 Photo by Mikaella Photography

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