Sunday, April 30, 2017

Shanghai Day 7: Brunch, Markets, Art Museums & The Final Dinner at The French Concession

Today is our last day in Shanghai and it couldn’t be more bitter sweet. The friendships created, the memories made, and the laughter would be something that would last a lifetime. 

 The last day in Shanghai I ventured to go meet up with a friend from high-school that has been living in Shanghai for the past 5 years with her husband. We went to a place called Bread Etc and ate food that finally felt a little bit like home. There was 8 of us at brunch and it was great to be able to sit with people who live in the city and have a different insight then tourists. 

After brunch we went to these beautiful hidden little markets that were tucked away on an off street. It was fairly busy as it was a national holiday called Labours Day in China. 
After the markets we ventured to the Art Museum in Shanghai which was this beautiful 5 storey building that resembled an upside down pyramid. 

After the museum I went back to the hotel for a bit of down time before dinner that night. That evening we went to this french restaurant called Va Bene located in the French Concession that we had seen the day before. We ate the most delicious french cuisine, drank some wine & reminisced over the past week of our China adventure. 

Although there is things I won’t miss such as squatty potties, smog, language barriers and having to pay for water everywhere I go. (some of the luxuries we have living in the US and Canada) it will be very difficult to say goodbye to this amazing group of people, this incredible cultural experience and the beauty that I have discovered over the last 7 days. 

Well China… until next time 

-xx an apple a day 

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