Monday, July 24, 2017

An Ode to My Younger Self

“The obstacles of your past can become the gateways that lead to new beginnings.” 
~Ralph Blum

      It' true that I hadn't had much human connection until I chose to let go of those I wasn't connecting too.
In my lifetime (until now) I have had little support from those around me. I had constant doubt thrown my way, I had people who never believed I would amount to anything and I had a never ending battle of wanting to believe I was good enough and never feeling like I was.

     I was abandoned by my father at a young age and have yet to reconcile with it. I have never been close to any of my family and because of this I have always been alone. I always had no choice but to be independant, to not give up, to work hard and to make smart decisions because at the end of the day I had no one to lean on but myself.  I do not share my story because I am a victim. In fact I have never victimized myself and will not allow myself to become a victim to my circumstances. Living the life I do has only forced me to work harder, to do better and to become stronger.
      I can honestly say that I am living a life I love.  You may wonder why I am choosing to share this now?  because for the first time in my life I don't feel like I owe anything to anyone, I don't feel like I have to be "good enough" because I know my worth and I choose not to hold on to those who show me less value then I deserve. This summer marks 10 years being gone from my hometown and I can honestly say i have exceeded any expectations I ever had of myself. I have redefined me as a person ...and I have LIVED... oh 1000x I have lived.
      For any of you who may be in a tough spot or may not think you are good enough please don't limit yourself. Thoughts become things and the universe is ready to take you on a wild ride. 

And at the end of the day just be you... you are more then enough.
 ( 🔝 No filters, no fillers, no makeup, no prep... just me raw + real) 🍎 - Michelle Apples

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