Wednesday, September 23, 2015

25 Date Idea's this Fall

]1.) Get lost in a corn maze
2.) Escape rooms

3.) Visit a haunted house
4.) Have a board game night
5.) Go ice skating
6.) Make a bonfire & snuggle up with blankets

7.) Make Gingerbread houses
8.) Have a marathon of your fav TV series
9.) Go bowling
10.) Take dancing lessons
11.) Explore farmers markets
12.) Go to a pumpkin patch
13.) Go to a sporting event
14.) Mini Golf
15.) Go to an art gallery
16.) Visit a local aquarium

17.) Go on a scavenger hunt with hot chocolates
18.) Take a road trip
19.) Call in sick and spend the whole day watching old classic movies
20.) Go play at a park
21.) Take a day off of technology and just spend the entire day with each other
22.) Sign up for a race & train together
23.) Go for a picnic on the countryside
24.) Play a sport together
25.) Carve some pumpkins together

-An Apple A Day 

Michelle Apples xx

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